Some Thanksgiving Food for Thought

Some Thanksgiving Food for Thought

Squint at my drawing.

Try to find the most INTERESTING food item.

Got something?

Is it the fact that I misspelled potatoes?


How about me giving up on labeling my units because laziness?

Try again.

It's the green peas. Second from the bottom.

1 pound of those little guys carries 1100 mgs of Potassium, 34710 IUS of Vitamin A, and 181.4 mg of Vitamin C.Their micronutrient density is MAGNITUDES higher than the other foods on this list and at 10% of the cost of that fat newborn-sized bird at the top.

What's my point? Not all time/energy/money investments are created equal.The "Pareto Principle", named after a fancy bearded Italian math dude, explains a power law can be found in most distributions.

Translation: 20% of our inputs generate 80% of our outputs.

20% of the standard American diet gives us 80% of our vital nutrients.

20% of a company's product/service line accounts for 80% or its revenue.

20% of our habits set us up for 80% of the success in our day (**cough it's sleep routines cough**).

20% of our relationships bring 80% of our joy.

So go find all the green peas in your life. And double down.