Head of growth for a 2016 voter education app that was featured by Upworthy and LA Mayor Garcetti


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the challenge

Could you list 5 of the last State propositions from memory?


Me neither.

That's the problem

The majority of voters don't pay any attention to the "down ballot"

Those are all the state and local measures that directly impact voters (even more than most presidential decisions do)

Because of this, highly crucial advocacy and funding decisions are rushed every election cycle. Everything from beach cleanup to road infrastructure funding becomes neglected year after year.

We set out to tackle this issue, and that's how was born.

Working in partnership with the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community, the University of Southern California, and the County of Los Angeles

We created a live and secure ballot preview for voters to get smart and save their choices BEFORE hitting the polls.

They could research all measures with bipartisan information in advance and save a "voting receipt" to check later.

A 100% bootstrapped project with no formal marketing spend, we had to get smart about no-cost acquisition strategies, so we hit the press.

Hundreds of unresponded cold emails later, we had our big break on Upworthy

That's on the ballot? As this hilarious prank shows, we should all be aware of the other issues on our local ballot. (via

Posted by Upworthy on Saturday, November 5, 2016

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Head of growth for a 2016 voter education app that was featured by Upworthy and LA Mayor Garcetti

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