OkDork by Noah Kagan

Cut my marketing teeth with Noah, scaling his Youtube channel 2x in just 3 months


Skill Application

✅ UX & Conversion Optimization

✅ Community Development

✅ Multimedia Content

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the challenge

COVID hit entrepreneurs hard.

I worked with Noah in 2020 when he kickstarted back up his Youtube channel to help entrepreneurs get back on their feet and keep fighting the good fight.

Over the next four months:

  • Overall subscriber count rose from 53.9k to 89k
  • Video retention nearly doubled-- improved from viewers watching ~20-30% of a video to an average of 45% for the channel
  • Channel adsense revenue increased by 5.1x during this time

This was an incredible experience learning from one of the best Internet Marketers out there, I dove into analytics and experiments for improving engagement metrics.

Repurposing one of Tim Ferriss' all time favorite guests posts.

The above video came from Noah's post for Tim's blog, titled How to create a Million Dollar Business in One Weekend.

The team collaborated to help re-teach Noah's audience important and timeless lessons from 2017;

  • Prototype FAST (in one weekend)
  • Try to sell to 3 people
  • Get $100 for idea validation. If someone doesn't pay, you haven't validated.

Apprenticing under Noah was an exhilarating experience and truly opened my eyes to the power of mentorship.


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OkDork by Noah Kagan

Cut my marketing teeth with Noah, scaling his Youtube channel 2x in just 3 months

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Quantified Self Global 2018

Selected to show off my nerdiness on stage by presenting curriculum I built to help teenagers with self-awareness

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Bain Media Lab

Built and operated AI analytics platform for Fortune 500 marketing spend, i.e. Superbowl commercials

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Stanford Neurodiversity Project

Started an advocacy community for K-12 students, parents, and educators to raise awareness for brain differences (Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, etc)

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